On Pen Stores #1 Two Hands Paperie

Post No. 1: Boulder, CO


This past summer, I found myself in Boulder, Colorado while driving up to Rocky Mountain National Park. After Lee's Art shop in NYC closed in May, (which had been my #1 store for a while), I felt as if I needed to look around for stores wherever I traveled, and luckily, there was one in Boulder: the Two Hands Paperie. 

Although the primary business of the store is paper, as is made obvious by the name, they also have a very fine collection of fountain pens (they carry almost all standard Lamy, Pilot, Visconti, and Faber-Castell pens, as well as a few other brands sprinkled throughout), and inks (Visconti, J Herbin (both normal and 1670), and Private Reserve).

Not only was their collection beautiful, but like almost every fountain pen store I’ve been to, the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help. They let me test at least ten pens (some worth more than $1,000 although they knew that I was not going to purchase one. They also allowed me to swap out nibs on some lesser expensive pens so that I could get the feeling for different widths and pen types.

After I had spent a good half hour looking at their various pens and inks, I also took a look at their brilliant paper supply. Their stock ranged from several fountain pen friendly notebooks like Rhodia and Apica to wrapping paper and home-made stock. All of these papers were expertly crafted and felt beautiful in the hand. They also had a supply of J Herbin sealing wax as well as pictographic and letter seals.

The store was an absolute wonderland for a fountain pen collector and I couldn’t walk away without buying anything, so I ended up buying a bottle of J Herbin Bleu Ocean ink (which cost the recommended retail price and was not upsold a penny). I cannot recommend visiting this store enough to anyone driving through Boulder, and it’s even worth a trip if you’re nearby—there are a couple great coffee shops across the street as well. 

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